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BookTherapy Editing Services

What we have discovered is authors not only need editing and formatting support, but they also need mental and emotional support during the writing process. BookTherapy Editing Services not only offers detailed editing to support each of our authors, but we provide a counseling and mental support aspect, that enables each author to write their book and continue forward with life balance.  We are able to do this by providing an ear to listen to what is and is not being said! The plans and goals for your particular project will be unique to you and we want to make sure that the world gets to see that uniqueness. We use our experience and knowledge to provide great leads on the things that most people don’t think about initially, like finding a great graphics artist or ideas about how to market your project.

It is our goal not only to read your book (line by line), but to make it better by proofreading and correcting any errors; this includes getting rid of annoying typos and grammatical errors, (to avoid unnecessary, embarrassing mistakes). We will make updates and enhancements so that the words and sentences on each page are clear and precise, which will make your book easier to read and more effective for your readers. We will  also work closely with you to provide the ideal formatting for your project.

Some authors have a book inside of them, but may need or desire someone else to write it for them. No worries! BookTherapy also provides ghostwriting services to help those authors who need a little extra help.

Finally, know that you have the last say about any edits done in your project. At BookTherapy we understand that your projects belong to you and it's our goal to make sure you have a magnetic presentation.

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*Our fees for editing and ghostwriting are determined by several factors, which are specific to each author. Contact us today and let's get started!

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